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How to Recover Formatted or Lost Videos from CF Card?

Can someone recommend software for recovering video files from a CF card? A free app would be a plus, as long as it’s solid. The card has been “erased”, but the files should still be there. Thanks much!!! — from a user

CompactFlash (CF) Card is a mass storage device used in electronic devices to store important data like family videos, favorite movies or music. Data loss in CF card including videos loss in cf card is a common issue due to different scenarios, such as accidental deletion of videos from CF (compact flash) card, computer breakdown during videos transfer between device and Mac, and reformatting of CF card videos either intentionally or accidental. If you have encountered these issues, in order to prevent from losing the videos forever,it is time to learn to perform the CF card video recovery now.

The best solution of this issue is to use the backup of lost videos in CF Card if you have. Otherwise, there’s still a good way to restore all video files. To recover video files from CF (Compact Flash) card, download Photo Recovery for Mac and connect the CF card to your Mac. Then, you can take some easy steps below to perform CF card video recovery. The following are main features of the program and it’s definitely one of the best and safest applications for you to restore lost videos from CF card on Mac.

Download CF card Data Recovery for Mac:

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Download CF card Data Recovery for Windows:

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Step 1. Connect your CF card to Mac
Connect your CF card to the Mac through proper adapters or the device directly. Download the free trial version of Canon CF card video recovery from its official site and install it on your Mac computer. Then connect the CF card to computer via a card reader.

Step 2. Select the CF path for recovery
The program can detects all drives connected to the computer. On the drive list, select your CF card as target drive. Then click the “Start Scan” button to perform full scan of deleted videos on CF card.

CF Card Recovery

Step 3. Recover CF card on Mac
After the complete scan, all the files found back are well listed in the scan result panel. Check the folders of videos on the left, and then hit “Recover” to get them all back. Remember to save them on your Mac or other storage devices, but not the same CF card from which you lost them before due to safety of the file.

cf card recovery software

Tip: Don’t save the recovered videos on your original Compact Flash card again. Find another place for safety’s sake. If you are a Windows user, please try CF card Videos Recovery (compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP) here to do Compact Flash Video Recovery.