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HTC 10 Data Recovery-Recover Lost or Deleted Files from HTC 10

“I accidentally deleted some photos on my HTC 10 and I was wondering how can I get back them? Is it possible to recover deleted photos from HTC 10? Please help!”

Yes, it is. Once you delete or format photos or videos from HTC 10 phone by mistake, they are not permanently erased. Just the storage where the deleted files occupied is available for new data to overwrite. These deleted files will become invisible and inaccessible, if handle right, can be retrieved.

The HTC 10 is more than just the company’s flagship smartphone for 2016. It is what will hopefully bring HTC back on its feet after years of losing precious market share. Knowing this, HTC has done its best to make the 10 as awesome as possible. The phone has the looks and specs to impress, while the software, based on Android 6.0, promises a smooth, fun user experience. Furthermore, the HTC 10 and its reinvented UltraPixel camera hope to wow us with its images and videos. Alas, the front-facing stereo speakers have been dropped, but instead, we’re given dedicated woofer and tweeter, powered by individual amplifiers. Such a great phone, if you own it and happened problem as above, please read the guide and follow to recover lost photos or videos from HTC 10.

How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from HTC 10?

First of all, you should stop using HTC 10 to take any more photos or record videos, for writing any new data into the device may overwrite the deleted files and make photo recovery more difficult, even impossible.

Then, you will need a proper data recovery tool to help you. Here, I suggest you get professional HTC Photo Recovery for Mac to restore deleted photos and videos from HTC 10 within a few simple clicks.

Step One: Download & Install HTC Photo Recovery for Mac

Download and install the free trial version of HTC 10 Photo Recovery into your Mac computer. (If you are using Windows, please get HTC File Recovery to perform the task.)

Download HTC Data Recovery for Mac

Step Two: Connect HTC 10 to Mac and Scan It

Connect your HTC 10 phone to the computer via USB cable and turn on USB mass storage mode. Once it’s successfully detected, launch the program and select the phone drive. Then click “Start Scan” to begin scanning deleted files.

Tip: You can click the “Filter Options” button to refine the file formats you’d like to scan and recover.

Step Three: Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from HTC 10

After scanning, all the recoverable files will be listed. You can preview them and mark those you want to get back. Then click the “Recover” button to recover deleted photos and videos from HTC 10 phone.

Note: Don’t save the recovered photos and videos on the HTC 10 phone or the memory card again.

Learn More about HTC 10 Photo Recovery

This Mac Photo Recovery software helps in the recovery of photos and videos from HTC 10 without quality loss. Besides, this tool supports photo recovery of other mobile phones, hard drives, USB drive, memory card, digital camera, camcorders and more.

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